Register today for free tree removal

To arrange to have your trees removed for free we just need a little information about your property and the trees you would like removed to help us in planning for the job. This information will be provided to a local contractor who will arrange a time with you to come and remove your trees. 

The free tree removal program is due to recommence in December 2021, if you would like to provide your information now you will be added to the waiting list. 


If you live in town or on a residential block in rural areas in the Victoria section of the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area and would like your details included on a waiting list please call (03) 50 220 327 or email gspfa@mildura.vic.gov.au 

Where are your unwanted fruit trees located on your property?


Front yard

Side yard

Nature Strip 

Peri - urban (large yard)

Other - provide detail in comments below


Evaluation Questions

The question below will help us better improve our program and communication strategies. These question are not used to inform your eligibility for the program, all responses will be group together. 


What have you done to manage Qfly in the past?

Free traps supplied

Pruning trees to control fruit load

Removing flowers to control fruit load 

Spraying insecticide

Homemade trap

Bait spraying

Picking up fruit from the ground

Insect netting

Purchased traps

Haven't taken any action to manage Qfly

What triggered you to remove your trees?

Trees where there when I purchased the property and I don't want them

They are just too much hard work

I want to protect the local horticultural industry

Neighbours, friends or family advised we should remove the trees

I don't like or eat the fruit

Fruit fly keep destroying my fruit

I am reducing excess fruit trees so I can manage the ones I have left. 

The trees were planted when I was younger and I can't manage them anymore

I'm sick of picking the fruit up from the ground

It's too expensive and time consuming

The fruit trees are in the way of renovations, buildings, or changed landscaping. 

Local council staff advised me I had to


The information collected in this form will be used by the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area for the purpose of arranging the removal of your fruit trees. Your personal information will be provided to a contractor that provides professional tree removal services for the sole purpose of removal of host fruit trees. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other third party.