Traps and lures

There are a number of different types of traps and lures that will control QFF.


Most traps and lures are designed to attract and kill QFF within a limited distance and need to be replaced every 3 months. Effective control relies on enough traps (15 m spacings) to cover the entire area and for traps to be replaced or recharged every three months.


Traps and lures work best when used in conjunction with other control strategies.


Here is some information about the control devices that are available. 



Female traps attract flies using a food source (attracts hungry females looking for protein before she mates and lays eggs) or fruit volatile (attracts pregnant females looking for somewhere to lay eggs). The traps use different strategies to kill the flies.


- Bio Trap

Bio-Trap contains an attractant gel or liquid that attracts both male and female fruit flies of various species with a bias towards the female flies.  Bio-Trap has a DDVP (Dichlorvos) cubes to provide quick and effective knockdown of the insect on entry to the trap. Click here for more information on Bio-Traps. Click here to download the Material Safety Data Sheets for the attractant gel and DDVP Cubes


- Cera Trap

Cera Trap contains no pesticides. The volatile compounds emitted by the trap are highly attractive to adult fruit flies with very little attractiveness to beneficial insects. Once inside the trap the fly can't get out and drowns in the liquid. 

Lures contain an attractant (usually a male parapheromone) and insecticide to attract and kill male flies. They work similar to traps but don't have the plastic container to keep dead flies.Their primary function is to deplete an area of male fruit flies so females are unable to find a mate or produce fertile eggs.
- Qfly wick 
Q fly wicks contains a powerful sex attractant and a toxicant.  Male fruit flies are attracted from distances of up to 400m. For more information on Qfly wicks.
- Amulet wafer
Amulet wafers contain a minute dose of insecticide with very low mammalian contact toxicity but extremely high activity against fruit flies. Amulet wafers attract male fruit flies for 100-200 m distance. For more information on Amulet Wafer.
Homemade traps
You can also make your own traps click here for more information. 


Where can I buy QFF traps and lures?

Don't forget to look online for local distributors!

Local Ag Suppliers 

  • Swan Hill Chemicals

  • National Ag Services

  • Mildura Ag Supplies

  • Elders

  • Landmark

  • EE Muir & Sons

  • TJ Stock Feed - Kerang

Hardware Stores

  • Bunnings

  • Boyds Hardware - Bahram

  • Halls Hardware - Kerang


Refill your Biotrap

Over the past three years yellow Biotraps have been provided to urban residents to monitor and trap Queensland fruit fly. These traps can be reused and do not need to go to waste. You can refill and reuse your trap. Click here to watch short video on how to refill your traps or download this information sheet

Cera Trap

Qfly wick lure


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