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  • Late season citrus e.g. grapefruit

  • Early season stone fruit e.g. peaches, apricots, plums, nectarines

  • Loquats



Fruit fly activity increases in spring as the weather gets warmer.


If you love your home-grown produce, you can have quality fruit and vegetables and at the same time protect our horticultural industries and local economy. ​


Key tasks in your garden for spring:

  • Pick and use fruit and vegetables as they ripen;

  • Monitor for fruit fly activity – cut open fruit to check, as maggots might not be obvious;

  • Install traps and refill/ replace traps every three months. Traps are available from hardware and garden stores;

  • Use control methods such as cover sprays available from garden stores;

  • Apply mosquito/ insect nets to trees, or bag fruit on the tree to protect them;

  • Harvest fruit early and pick up any fallen fruit;

  • Dispose of unwanted or fallen fruit – but not directly in the garbage, compost or worm farm.  Seal it in a plastic bag and leave in the sun for seven days, microwave it or freeze it for two days then dispose of it;

  • Encourage your neighbours to manage their gardens as well, to achieve the best results

  • Consider planting non-host plants in your vegetable garden or designing your vegetable garden layout so you can protect it from QFF. 


More information on managing your garden to stop fruit fly is available from Agriculture Victoria.

or NSW Department of Primary Industries.

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