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Fact sheets and Resources
Fruit Fly Exclusion Netting
Queensland Fruit Fly attacks a wide range of fruits and fruiting vegetables, leaving them inedible. Managing QFF in your garden can be very challenging. However, there are various strategies you can implement to protect home-grown produce from infestation. This fact sheet outlines how to use insect nets to protect your produce from fruit fly. The use of a physical barrier can stop QFF from laying eggs in your fruit.
Case Study - Community Banding togheter to control Queensland Fruit Fly 
Sam Oresti is winning the battle with QFF by reducing the number of host trees he has and using insect nets to keep QFF away from the remaining trees. “We just had too many trees to look after each year - it was becoming a losing battle against Queensland Fruit" said Sam.
Case Study - Kerang Community Garden Beating Fruit Fly 
"God that's good!" Dave Randell, caretaker of the Kerang Community Garden, is ‘over the moon’ about his stone fruit this year. These trees were destined to be bull-dozed, when our field officer Tricia Witney paid a visit to the garden in June 2018. “I couldn’t have done it without Tricia.”
Fact Sheet - Refilling your BioTrap to tackle Queensland Fruit Fly
Yellow plastic BioTraps were provided to urban residents across the Greater Sunraysia region to help monitor and
trap Queensland Fruit Flies (QFF) between 2016-2018. These traps can be easily refilled and re-used extending their life, saving you money as well as reducing waste.
Fact Sheet - Loquat - Is your loquat helping the Queensland Fruit Fly Start the season 
Loquats are perfect for the female Queensland Fruit Flies that have survived the cold winter months, as they usually ripen in spring and early summer when little other fruit is available.
Fact Sheet - Are my fruit or vegetables infested with Queensland Fruit Fly
Do you know how to tell if your fruit or vegetables are infested with Queensland Fruit Fly and what to do if they area? This fact sheet will describe how to check your fruit and vegetables for fruit fly and what to do if you find larvae.
Fact Sheet - Feijoa
Feijoa is one of the last fruits to ripen in the season, ripeningin Autumn they provide the female Queensland Fruit Flies one last opportunity to lay eggs before the cold winter months. 
Fact Sheet - Make your own fruit fly trap
These homemade trap and bait recipes take just a few minutes to make with items you probably already have at home.