Homemade Traps

These home-made trap and bait recipes take just minutes to make with items you probably already have at home.
The liquid in home-made traps attracts flies into the trap and then when the fly can't escape they drop into the liquid and drown. They will catch many insects, as well as fruit fly.
The liquid will need replacing every week, especially in hot weather, so it doesn't go off and attract ants.
Place at least one trap per tree.

Making the Trap:

  • Start with a plastic bottle (soft drink or similar) with lid

  • Cut three holes in the bottle about the size of a 10 cent piece, 10 cm from the top (big enough for fruit flies to get in) half way up. The reason it's not at the top is because fruit fly, if they don't drown in your bait, will fly up to the top to try to escape

  • Add in the bait from one of the recipes below

  • Screw on the lid, then tie twine around the bottle's neck and hang from your trees.

  • Space traps two metres apart and replace the bait once a week. How easy is that!

Orange Juice bait
  • One cup fruit juice (with pulp)

  • One tablespoon of cloudy ammonia or wheelie bin cleaner (available from supermarkets and hardware stores)

  • One drop of dish-washing detergent.

Yeast & Juice brew

(Courtesy Helen Rudd of Mildura)

  • One litre of long-life fruit juice

  • One litre of water

  • Two tablespoons of sugar

  • Two teaspoons of dry yeast

  • One drop of dish-washing detergent.


Vegemite bait
(Courtesy Gardening Australia)
  • Mix up a solution of vegemite and water - half a teaspoon of vegemite and water

  • Add a drop of dish-washing detergent.


Vanilla Essence bait
  • One litre of water

  • One teaspoon of vanilla essence

  • Half a cup of brown sugar

  • One teaspoon of dish-washing detergent

  • Two tablespoons of cloudy ammonia (available from supermarkets and hardware stores)

  • One drop of dish-washing detergent.


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