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Autumn is not the time to relax on Queensland Fruit Fly

29 April 2020

Autumn is the best time to clean up Queensland Fruit Fly and get a jump start on the pest for spring – and the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area (GSPFA) staff are here help.

Entomologist assisting GSPFA Andrew Jessup advises that the best way to reduce the impact of Queensland Fruit Fly on fruit and vegetables next season is to clean up now. 

To register for free tree removal,  or for advice and tips to help you in your garden or how to access traps contact the GS PFA on (03) 5022 0327.

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Fruit fly program reaches milestone

16 March 2020 

The Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area recently removed the 7000th tree through our free program. The tree – a very large white mulberry tree – was removed from Ann Grivec’s property in Mildura. 

While Ms Grivec loved the tree, it had become a big problem and she was unable to manage it. 

The free tree removal program is still available for Victorian residents in the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area* – contact (03) 5022 0327 or apply via the here

*conditions apply

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Swan Hill resident winning fight against fruit fly

6 February 2020

When Allan Bryce moved into his new home in Swan Hill about a year ago, he discovered that it also came with a lot of Queensland fruit fly.

As a “big-city boy”, Mr Bryce didn’t know the first thing about fruit trees, let alone how to manage a fruit fly infestation.

But with support and guidance from Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area (GSPFA) field officer Tricia Witney, he has managed to keep fruit fly out of his garden.

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Fruit Fly success a sweet inspiration to Kerang community

21 February 2020

Kerang’s Community Garden is being hailed as a local success story in the fight against Queensland Fruit Fly – and local residents have a chance this Friday to find out more on how they can reap the rewards of managing their gardens successfully.

Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area (GS PFA) and Kerang Community Garden have been working together on managing fruit fly – and the community garden has been rewarded with kilograms of fresh, clean fruit.

GSPFA Regional Field Officer for Kerang area Patricia Witney said although managing fruit trees against fruit fly can be difficult, the community garden’s experience was evidence that it can be done.

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Action required now to protect crops from fruit fly  

6 November 2019

As Queensland fruit fly populations begin to build up across north-west Victoria, now is the time for growers to implement season-long control strategies.

About 2,500 fruit flies were trapped in the region from Robinvale down to Swan Hill and the surrounding areas in September this year. This is about half the number of flies trapped during September in the peak fruit fly years of 2015 and 2016.

However, according to entomologist Andrew Jessup, now is not the time to be complacent as numbers can build up quickly.

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Spring into action against fruit fly 

02 September 2019

The Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area is reminding everyone to refresh their monitoring traps with the start of spring so you know if Queensland Fruit Flies are active in your garden.


With the days starting to warm up Queensland Fruit Fly are starting to become more active in their search for food. The flies have used up most of their energy reserves over winter and they need to find some protein in a hurry so they can starting mating and laying eggs again.

Keep a eye on winter fruits like mandarines, limes, lemons, olives, avocadoes and navel oranges. 

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