Protective Nets and Bags

Where can I buy fruit tree netting?

Local Ag Suppliers 

  • Swan Hill Chemicals

  • National Ag Services

  • Mildura Ag Supplies

  • Elders

  • Landmark

  • EE Muir & Sons

  • TJ Stock Feed - Kerang

Hardware Stores

  • Bunnings

  • Boyds Hardware - Barham

  • Halls Hardware - Kerang

Online suppliers

Tree netting

Brown bag barrier

Physical barriers are one of the most effective things you can do to protect your backyard fruit trees.


Fruit fly will travel up to a couple of kilometres looking for suitable host fruit, so correctly-installed physical barriers like insect mesh or even brown paper bags can protect your fruit.


It's important to get in early. Nets can be installed any time after fruit set, but at least six weeks before picking. 

Where to buy insect nets

You can buy insect netting from hardware and horticultural stockists, but any fine mesh will do – curtain mesh is ideal from material shops or the op shop.  Note, bird netting is too course and will not protect the fruit from fruit fly. Brown paper bags are perfect for protecting individual fruit...if you have the time.


Installing nets

  • Inspect the net to make sure there are no holes that would allow the fly to get in.

  • Make sure the net covers all the fruit and is secured at the base of the tree with rope or tape.

  • And make sure the mesh doesn’t rest on the fruit as the flies can sting through to the mesh.

Managing tree height

In winter prune trees and maintain their height so that it makes it easier to cover with a net once fruit has set.

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