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Media Release - 26 October 2017
Second rollout of traps begins across GSPFA

Traps, traps, traps! More than 50,000 of them have arrived in the depot ready for distribution​

A second rollout of fruit fly traps across the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Areas will begin at the end of October to continue building the momentum of this year’s concentrated attack on fruit fly.

Residents already received one trap in the first-round trap rollout in early spring targeting flies as they emerged after winter. The packages being delivered this time will target both male and female flies before they have a chance to breed.

The traps are a key element in an industry-driven program to protect valuable horticultural industries, jobs and the economy of the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area (GSPFA).

GSPFA Regional Coordinator Deidre Jaensch said the support of local residents was undoubtedly having an impact in the community-wide effort to stop fruit fly.

“There are surveillance traps in place across the region and they’re returning some very promising data from the QFF management efforts over the past 18 months, indicating a downward trend in the average number of fruit flies captured in many areas,” Ms Jaensch said. 

“The data shows that the early control is important in reducing fly numbers.  The traps only last for 3 months so now we need everyone to follow up with the new traps that will target both males and females,” she said.

“The flies are looking to breed so we’d ask people, as a minimum, to simply hang up their traps in their garden when they receive them.”

Over 38,000 traps will be delivered to households in urban areas around Mildura, Merbein, Irymple, Nichols Point, Red Cliffs, Nangiloc, Dareton, Buronga, Gol Gol and Wentworth from October 28 over the following three weeks. There will also be 12,000 traps distributed in the Swan Hill area, another 3000 around Barham (November 11 and 12), and 2500 to residents in the Robinvale and Boundary Bend townships (November 4 and 5).

Again, the traps will be delivered by volunteers as fundraisers for local community organisations and charities.

Ms Jaensch said in addition to hanging up their traps, it was also important for householders to maintain the hygiene of fruit trees in their back yards.

“That means picking up and disposing of fruit as it ripens, keeping your fruit trees at a manageable size and using nets to protect your fruit once fruit has set,” she said.

“If you don’t use the fruit from your trees any more we’d just ask people to remove the tree and we offer a free tree removal service, particularly for people who aren’t able to remove them on their own.”

More information and tips on managing QFF in household gardens is available on the GSPFA website and on the GSPFA facebook page.

“We’re excited about how the local community is really coming together, working with their neighbours and supporting their local community with this program – we’d just ask people to keep doing their bit right through the season,” Ms Jaensch said.


Remember, almost every type of fruit and fruiting vegetable is a potential host for fruit fly.

  • Don’t bring fruit or vegetables into the Pest Free Area

  • Advise visiting friends and relatives not to bring fruit or vegetables with them

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