Mass Trap Rollouts - July 2018

The Mass Trapping program in urban areas and towns within the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area is no longer funded after July 2018.

Limited funding means this program is not continuing with the last delivery of traps occurring in July 2018. Traps delivered in July 2018 will be active until October 2018 after which they will need to be refilled or replaced.


This program has generated a high level of community awareness and understanding about what they need to do to control fruit fly. 


This program delivered approximately 250,000 trap packages to 28,000 homes from July 2015 to August 2018. 

Yellow traps can be refilled with gel + cube bought from local hardware, garden stores and rural suppliers, or you can make your own recipe to attract and kill flies.

Three deliveries occurred each year by over 40 volunteer groups earning valuable funds to support their local projects.


The trap roll-outs were just one of many activities under a broad program coordinated by the GSPFA IDC to manage fruit fly, the trap roll-out targeted specific urban areas and townships where a high density of traps intercepted migrating flies. Trapping in July, Oct, Feb each year successfully achieved a reduction in fly populations in mass trapped areas.

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