QFF Identification

How to identify Queensland Fruit Fly?


Adult QFF are about five to eight millimetres long and are reddish-brown in colour, with distinct yellow markings.


They have a wing expanse of 10 to 12 mm, and have clear wings with brown veins. On the top of the thorax, there is a broad creamy, often pale, dorsal band running down the middle, with a well-defined, narrow pale yellow stripe on each side.


The shoulders (humeri), are pale yellow also. The abdomen is constricted at the base, flared in the middle, and broadly rounded at the tip, the females have an ovipositor.


You can identify fruit fly using this online tool from Plant Health Australia.


QFF can also be identified by the damage they cause.


Download an information sheet on common flies you might find in your fruit fly trap.


QFF Life Cycle
Identifying QFF
Damage caused by QFF







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