Operational Plan

The IDC shares responsibility for protecting Agriculture in the region by strengthening the
on-ground response to managing fruit fly.
The program adopts Area Wide Management (AWM) strategies complemented with a community education and awareness program to increase the knowledge and understanding about how to control QFF within the region.

The AWM program aims to suppress the QFF, rather than eradicate it. Services provided to the community under the QFF program include:

  • Free* QFF host tree removal from home gardens;

  • Hot spot investigations in rural areas where fly numbers are high;

  • Advice to land owners on how to manage fruit fly and good hygiene;

  • Information sessions for the general community and growers;

  • Seasonal reminders and regional trends; 

  • Facilitated compliance and surveillance activities; 

  • Media and communications programs targeted at commercial growers, the general public within the PFA as well as visitors.

Mass Trapping is not currently funded and people are encouraged to recharge old or buy new traps from local suppliers (check here).

Or try making your own using everyday materials you have at home (see homemade trap recipes).


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