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Citrus Australia Media Release - 21 December 2017
Implications for fruit fly management in temperate regions

Queensland Fruit Fly appears to be adapting to cooler climates.


Now that Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) is established in regions that were previously thought too cold for the insect, asking questions about winter survival mechanisms seems reasonable.


To effectively answer these questions there is a need to revisit the biology of the fly to get to the bottom of it all and to understand if Qfly behaves in the same way in colder regions as other flies.

Understanding over-wintering behaviour is important for treating the Qfly population entering the winter period and for being on top of spring emergence and spring fly condition.


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Remember, almost every type of fruit and fruiting vegetable is a potential host for fruit fly.

  • Don’t bring fruit or vegetables into the Pest Free Area

  • Advise visiting friends and relatives not to bring fruit or vegetables with them

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