Bait Spraying

If you have a big garden, you may need to think about applying a weekly bait spray to reduce fruit fly numbers.


Bait sprays are a mix of a liquid protein with an insecticide (organic options available) to attract and kill fruit fly.


There are organic options available.


Two litres of spray will treat around 15 trees.


Bait sprays are available at your local hardware and garden center or agricultural chemical supply store.


Remember to spray weekly and follow the directions on the label.


Make sure you make a fresh mix for each weekly spray as the spray may go off in the container

Where can I buy bait spray supplies?

Local Ag Suppliers 

  • Swan Hill Chemicals

  • National Ag Services

  • Mildura Ag Supplies

  • Elders

  • Landmark

  • EE Muir & Sons

  • TJ Stock Feed - Kerang


Hardware Stores

  • Bunnings

  • Boyds Hardware - Barham

  • Halls Hardware - Kerang

Don't forget to look online for local distributors.

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