Area Wide Management

AWM is the management of a pest across a defined area (property or broader landscape scale), using a variety of control methods and requiring coordination and cooperation to reduce the total QFF population.


Click here for more information about AWM from Horticulture Innovation Australia.

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To be effective, everyone has a role to play.


AWM involves:

  • Starting control early to reduce the QFF populations;

  • Monitoring for early detection in production areas;

  • Knowing what a QFF looks like so you know what you are trying to control;

  • Protecting the area with multiple control strategies and maintaining control throughout the year;

  • Identifying where the QFF might survive over winter on your property by knowing QFF host plants;

  • Multiple stakeholders getting involved in fighting QFF including landowners, state and local governments and community members; and

  • Reducing or preventing re-entry of QFF from external sources from nearby host trees or delivery points.


Area Wide Management
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