Abandoned or neglected horticultural enterprises

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QFF management is a ‘year round’ activity for all fruit and vegetable growers.


Further information to support growers in managing for fruit fly can be found here:

Regional trends - fly catch data

Abandoned or neglected horticultural properties can create breeding grounds for pests and diseases, which may spread to other growers.

The owners and workers of these enterprises have a duty to prevent, minimise or eliminate this risk.

How to report a biosecurity risk? 

If you believe there is a horticulture property near you that presents biosecurity risk or impact to your operations, please report to:

  • Victoria - 136 186 

(Agriculture Victoria Customer Service Centre).

  • NSW 1800 084 881 

(Quarantine Domestic Hotline)

Alternatively, send a photo of the plant pest or plant damage symptoms, along with your contact details and the plant's location to:


Further information on biosecurity regulations:


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