Investigating Bait Spraying to Control Queensland Fruit Fly

This video brings together some of the key experts in the field, to provide information to growers in the Greater Sunraysia region about their best option for Queensland fruit fly control on their properties.

Bait spraying is by far the most effective way of managing Queensland Fruit Fly populations.  The bait has an attractant in it, so you just put out tiny amounts and the flies actually come and find it.



Whether you live in town or on a residential block in rural areas and are no longer interested in managing your fruit trees, GSPFA can remove your unwanted fruit trees for free.

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This work is funded by the Victorian Government's Managing Fruit Fly Regional Grant Program

Protect your beautiful fruit from Queensland fruit fly

Queensland fruit fly is a pest, protect your beautiful produce by following these few tips.

  • Remove fruit trees that you don't want or need

  • Prune trees to keep them manageable

  • Cover you trees with insect nets while the fruit is still small

  • Use fruit fly traps to reduce numbers, -

  • Pick fruit early and thin out trees

  • Remove any leftovers and dispose of properly.

Gardening Australia - fighting fruit fly

Series 26 Episode 26 

Broadcast 5 Sept 2015

This episode is a great starting off point in tackling QFF.

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We are committed to assisting you with managing Queensland fruit fly. For advice and tips to help you in your garden, please contact us.

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